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Ieso Digital Health provides evidence-based mental health therapy online. Discreet one-to-one therapy is delivered in real time using written (typed) conversation, with patients meeting an accredited therapist in a secure virtual therapy room, at a time and location that is both convenient and comfortable for them. The use of technology and written conversation offers patient choice and more widespread access to effective, evidence-based mental health therapy, with improved outcomes.

Therapy delivered using the Ieso method of written conversation has been clinically validated within the NHS to deliver excellent clinical outcomes with high levels of patient engagement. Ieso are commissioned to deliver Online Talking Therapy on behalf of the NHS in many areas across the UK. Please check your postcode to see if Online Talking Therapy is available in your area.

We demonstrated the effectiveness of therapy through written conversation in a successful clinical trial published in The Lancet.

List of service areas

Patients can find our list of service areas here. You may also choose to access the service if you are registered with a GP in any of these regions, or with our partners.


Providers & Commissioners

Ieso Digital Health works within the NHS or private organisations to offer convenient, accessible and discreet mental health services for patients.


CPD workshops for GPs and other Primary Care Practitioners

"Managing common mental health disorders in primary care: Choices, tools and strategies"
New one day CPD workshops suitable for General Practitioners, GP trainees, practice nurses and midwives.


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