Providers and Commissioners

Ieso Digital Health can be commissioned to provide CBT to patients with mild to severe and complex mental health illness. You can licence the proven Ieso method of therapy through Ieso Elements or we can be directly commissioned to provide a full therapy service on your behalf.


ElementsIeso Elements

undefinedIeso Elements enables IAPT providers to deliver high quality one-to-one CBT online using your existing therapist resources.  In addition to providing greater patient choice, Elements can help IAPT providers to improve access, efficiency and outcomes using an evidence-based data driven approach.

Elements combines an online platform with training and data-driven quality control to empower IAPT providers to deliver live, internet-enabled CBT, offering choice and improved access to patients while improving the efficiency of their existing therapist workforce. With Elements, your teams can deliver therapy using written (typed) conversation, a method proven to be as effective as face-to-face therapy, but with significant benefits.

The Ieso method of online therapy aligns with health policy, supporting the use of technology to bridge the gap in the provision of evidence based psychological interventions.  The efficacy of internet-enabled CBT was demonstrated in a 300 patient clinical trial published in the Lancet. Subsequent roll out in IAPT services from 2013 (over 9,000 referrals) has shown better than average recovery rates with fewer DNAs. 

  • Improve access and waiting times
  • Optimise your efficiency and cost savings
  • Manage and retain a skilled and engaged workforce
  • Achieve excellent performance outcomes 


Ieso Digital Health has been commissioned by over 20 CCGs in England and Wales to provide a full online talking therapy service. Using the principles of Ieso Elements, we can engage our teams of BABCP-accredited therapists to deliver quality CBT on behalf of your CCG or Trust. 

If you would like to use Ieso Digital Health to increase your service's capacity, introduce more patient choice or enable patients to have high quality therapy at any time of day, we can mobilise our services quickly and efficiently to integrate with yours.